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guru's Yahoo Group Downloader
is the ultimate software for automatically downloading the File section Files, Photo section photos and Message section content from the Yahoo Groups. With a click of the mouse, download all the Photo Section Photos , Files section files and Message Section contents immediately.

It completely automates the manual clicking process. It downloads all of pictures in a fly. Simply specify the Group Name and the Messages Numbers. Thats it!. Nearly all of the Yahoo Groups photos and other files are downloaded to the hard disk!

This program is released as a shareware. Before buying the Full version, users are welcome to test the demo of the Full version.

The full version of the program can be purchased after determining its usefulness. With the shareware demo version users can download 10 Messages from the Message Sections , 10 Files from the Files Section and 10 Photos from the Photo Section. For more information or assistance, please email us at :

Yahoo Group Downloader - Upgrade

If you have already bought version 1.x, 2.x or 3.x you can upgrade to 4.0 version for very nominal fee.Click here to upgrade Yahoo group downloader.

Yahoo Groups to Forum Conversion Service As of Aug 13, 2008, GroupFetch will help Group Administrators to convert their Yahoo groups messages to custom Web Forum.
Send a mail to for more information.


  • Download all the attachments, photos, files and messages from Yahoo groups.
  • Support for New Yahoo Groups Photo Section !!! (new)
  • Download and Import all the messages to MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Vista Mail and Thunderbird.(new)
  • Ability to download large set of files , photos and messages without getting blocked by Yahoo.(new)
  • Convert all or a subset of Yahoo group messages to a single RTF/Word document.Given as a free bonus for registered users.
  • Message section Text - One of the First of its kind !!!
  • Files section Downloads - One of the First of its kind !!!
  • Photo section Downloads - One of the First of its kind !!!
  • Batch Downloading of All the Groups - One of the First of its kind !!!
  • Ability to maintain Multiple Profiles - One of the First of its kind !!!
  • Download attachment (linked to other sites) and Files from Multi lingual Yahoo Groups.
  • Simultaneous Downloading of files.
  • Automatic Retrieval of Group Names from 'My Group'.
  • Options to download specfic file types.
  • Grab Different groups from the Navigated messages.
  • Custom logging of previously downloaded Group details.

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