eBill Manager

eBill Manager
is a program to maintain your cluster of paper bill effectively.

eBill manager is the most efficient way to organize and retrieve your paper documents. The Bill manger program allows you to save and organize all sort for digital documents. Let it be your PDF export from Quickens or the word document or a JPEG files that you got from your scanner. The Bill manger has the ability to directly scan your documents from your scanners and add them to the bill database. You can manage multiple related documents with ease.

This program is released as shareware. Before buying the full version, you are welcome to test the demo, after which you can purchase the full version.

The shareware demo version will allow you to store 15 bills. For more information or assistance, please mail us at : support@groupfetch.com



  • Stores any types of scanned or digital documents.(new)
  • Organize your bills in chronological order or by category. (new)
  • Directly scan bills from the program. (new)
  • Save scanned bills in various image forms (JPG, GIF , TIF etc).(new)
  • Integrated Viewer for most of the Image and document formats. (new)
  • Ability to store multiple documents under one bill.(new)
  • Ability to backup the Bill database in different intervals.(new)
  • Ability to maintain different bill categories. (new)
  • Ability to store external files directly (PDF, Doc , HTML etc).(new)
  • Track Business bills for Tax Purposes.(new)
  • Ability to maintain Taxable amount in Bills.(new)

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